Pass the Popcorn (PTP) is a general movie tracker. PTP is likely the largest movie collection ever created, with a library dwarfing that of legal services like Netflix. On /ptg/, PTP is also known for having 312c on the staff team.

Getting an account

Following What.CD's shutdown in 2016, PTP pulled all their recruitment threads and lowered their user limit from 35000 to 30000. Inactivity pruning only gets rid of around 300 users per month, so it's gonna be a while before a spot opens up for you.

Building buffer

Building buffer on PTP is pretty easy. Some tips:

  • File size doesn't really matter with the bonus point rate algorithm - only seeder count. A 50 gigabyte BluRay with one seeder will generate the same number of bonus points as five 10 gigabyte encodes with one seeder each.
  • The 20 gigabytes of upload for 50000 bonus points is the best upload-to-buffer ratio you'll get from the store. The larger options are just there for convenience when making big purchases.
  • There's always a whole bunch of freeleech torrents going at any given time.
  • In your settings, set your default "new uploads" tab to Golden Popcorn torrents so you can see the latest GP torrents every time you sign in.
  • A new Film Club Spotlight (half-leech) is posted every Saturday at 8:00PM EST.
  • Usually whenever a prominent movie actor/director dies PTP will make all their works freeleech for three days.


Avoid getting disabled on PTP, as the #ptp-disabled channel is particularly awful among private tracker disabled user channels. Users are known to wait for weeks and sometimes even months before a staff member deems them worthy of being helped. Some pointers:

  • The queue doesn't actually matter. Your position in line is just there to make you feel better the longer you wait. Staff check on the disabled channel whenever they feel like it, and which ever staff member is clearing out the queue at a particular time may not be able to or allowed to help you with your particular issue.
  • The best way to make staff want to help you is to use the !q command as often as possible. Since so many people go AFK while waiting, staff are going to try to help people that they know are online.
  • If you were disabled for inactivity, the staff will ask why you left so make sure to have a believable excuse ready (got a Netflix account, hard drive crashed, etc.).